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Established with the slogan of "e-commerce for everyone", the store offers an infrastructure that makes it possible for businesses and individuals to do e-commerce in the easiest way.
You can easily open your company's e-commerce store and deliver your products to all of Turkey, or you can start earning from e-commerce without owning a company or product.
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To be a profitable, permanent and secure shopping system that provides profit to both customers, companies and entrepreneurs.
To be the most preferred shopping system in the world, starting from Turkey
Grow your business with the easy-to-use e-commerce platform Fornium Partner!
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Our Quality
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With Our Quality Policy
Our company; To be an expert organization that knows, does, follows and concludes its job well in the sector, To take the QUALITY-SPEED measure together by considering customer requests, To fulfill the commitments on time with a good teamwork, To carry out its business in accordance with the principles of the Quality Management System it has established and to Continuous improvement, Continuous improvement of the system by providing continuous training, Provides added value to the country's economy, Determines sustainable development as a way of life, being aware of its responsibilities towards society and the environment.
It aims to do “defect-free work” based on continuous development, It aims to increase efficiency and long-term profitability by reducing costs, and to secure the future of our company and its employees, Works with suppliers in mutual cooperation and trust, Employees who are the building blocks of our company's culture are highly motivated, participatory, sharing provides the necessary environment to ensure that they are creative and constantly renewing team members, undertakes to work in accordance with the quality management system documentation, to control its effectiveness with internal audits and to continuously improve it.
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Our Information
Security Policy
Your Security is important to us
with our Information Security Policy.
In its activities, we offer the highest technology used by the international sector and the best products of the sector to our customers. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information generated in our activities in order to protect our reputation and brand value in the eyes of our employees, customers, suppliers and the public. We adopt national and international standards in the development of our company. We increase and develop the awareness of our Information Security Management System, which enables us to be a sought-after company in national and international markets, with trainings renewed every year.
We carry out and maintain Information Security activities with a teamwork approach. We constantly renew and improve our computing technologies. We manage the risks related to information security, we work with the understanding of continuous improvement for the protection of information. We work in full compliance with the Information Security Rules to protect the reliability and image of our company. We ensure compliance with the requirements set for Information Security in the legislation, Standards and contracts with third parties.
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